Completed kitchen

A beautiful custom fireplace surround we got to craft for a recent client. 

Inside the home we built pictured on the left, our client opted for tiles through the dining, kitchen and hallway areas

Complete house build, clad with summitstone bricks. Ready for landscaping.

This was a four bedroom house built on a budget for under $200,000.

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Address: 29 Fleet Street, Solway, Masterton 5810

An example of acid staining in its early stages

And the completed project, with a look like tiles but will never crack if you drop something on them, is more efficient with underfloor heating and unlike painting concrete, acid staining retains the natural variations of the concrete like a stone

This home was completely gutted after fire damage, we took the roof off and even the floor came out

The same fire damaged house brought back to its original simple glory

This skylight we fitted vented the bathroom with remote control opener

Exposed trusses really made this home feel warm and homely

The owners were very clear when extending their house with an area dedicated to their business that they wanted the areas clearly identifiable yet harmonious. We were all pleased with the results.

A simple yet elegant bathroom. Asides from building it we also got to acid stain the concrete floor in black.

This beautiful home we built from start to finish. A smart feature of it was the drainage channels covered in hardwood decking allowing the outside concrete verandah to be at the same level as the house floor

Completed Quin Garage, Concrete Driveway and Fence to match

Completed bathroom

The completed renovation.

Sloping site new build a bit further along with completed decking

A glass roof verandah we had the privelege of building

We did this renovation, repitching the roof from where you can see the cladding and fitting new door and window and creating a more open plan area inside.

Our latest 3 bedroom home taking shape

Had a nice porch detail at the back, cantilevering out without posts to one side

Putting that second floor on certainly brought it's challenges, and left us working a bit later than normal at times to ensure it ran as smooth as possible

Sloping site new build we got to do. Nice backdrop to work in.

A bit further along

Raised garden boxes, if you want it, we can build it

Family grew and the only way to go on this loved site was up. So with it still being lived in, we built a second floor over the entire footprint and a small entrance extension at the front

And we do commercial work too